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So, You Want to be a High Rise Window Cleaner

High Rise Window cleaning professionals are the people who take on the job of thoroughly cleaning windows of all sizes.

They clean the windows while inside the building and then they go on to clean the glass from the outside of the building, wiping away at dirt that starts building up on the glass over time. The professional window cleaners tend to work for companies that provide different types of maintenance services to commercial properties. Many of the people who own commercial buildings choose to hire professional high rise window cleaners because there are so many windows attached to the buildings and it would be too much for the owners of those buildings to deal with on their own.

high rise window cleanersWhile they are known for providing services to owners of commercial properties, the window cleaning experts can wash windows for homeowners and people who own smaller offices. Although they spend a lot of their time washing windows, they can clean several other glass surfaces, including glass tabletops and mirrors throughout the different buildings. These professionals use the proper tools to get these surfaces to look sparkling clean, including different sponges and cloths with various cleansers that are effective and gentle.

If the professional cleaners need to work on a high-rise building, they will normally need to use scaffolding to reach the windows. If they are going to clean windows attached to a large building, they may need to wear protective gear to stay safe while they are cleaning.

What Type of Education Do They Need?

Window cleaning professionals do not need to go to a trade school to learn how to do their jobs correctly. In fact, they simply need to be of age and willing to work hard to get the windows they are working on to look good. They will learn everything there is to know when they get hired and have someone training them to do the best job possible. More experienced staff members can keep an eye on the new employees to make sure they are following the rules and doing their jobs correctly while wearing protective safety gear when it is necessary. Here is more info on available safety training courses in the GTA area.

How to Get a Job as a High Rise Window Cleaner

When a person is interested in becoming a window cleaner, he or she could search for companies in the area and then fill out applications if those companies are hiring. Many companies are looking to hire full-time employees to work as window cleaners because they have a lot of clients and their window cleaning services are in demand. It may be possible to find available positions online or even in the local newspaper.

How to Get Further as a Window Cleaner

If window cleaning professionals stay with the same company for a long time, they may end up getting promoted to supervisor positions where they will earn more money while completing a window-washer-rapellinglot of the same tasks. Many of these professionals learn the ropes and then they decide to start their own window cleaning businesses to earn more of a profit. The demand for window cleaners continues to rise as more commercial properties are built.

What It Is Like to Work as a Window Cleaning Professional

While window cleaning may be a rewarding job for many, those who choose to take these kinds of positions will need to work in different types of weather. They may be required to work when it is extremely hot or even when it is too cold outside. Window cleaners must be prepared to move around a lot. They will spend a lot of time standing up while using their arms to clean the windows.

Because the window cleaners often need to work on larger buildings, someone who takes on this type of position should not have a problem with heights. The perfect candidate for this kind of work is someone who is not scared of heights and does not mind being out in all kinds of weather to complete different jobs.

How Much Can Window Cleaners Earn?

A window cleaner who is just getting started may only make minimum wage per hour, but his or her earnings can increase over time. Those who are dealing with heights often make more money because there are additional risks involved. More experienced window cleaners tend to make a higher hourly wage and can even receive benefits if they are working with the right company. Looking for work in the GTA? Here’s some current high rise window cleaner job listings.